Eco Conscience

There are a whole bunch of reasons to care about our planet and I am very passionate about doing the best I can over here at HQ.

In an attempt to offset carbon emissions I’m planting a tree for every item bought by my lovely customers. I’ve seen companies offer to plant one for 4+ products...but it’s really important to me, so we are making it rain trees over here.  Over 1.8k planted already!!

There is no waste in my little clay factory. Every bit of scrap clay is repurposed or used for prototyping new styles. The making process can involve using wet wipes, but I have plastic free ones made from natural fibers.

Packaging is super important for the products to arrive safely, so you can expect to see recycled/repurposed filling, with everything sent looking for the same treatment.

Hand written notes on seed paper give a little extra love and planting fun to each package, you tear it up and plant it to grow a selection of flowers and wonderful things.

Keeping things as eco as possible is absolutely key to this business.